WP-Cover-Image-150x225-PostBrendan Halligan’s first book, Our Worst Preference, is a collection of writings that draws mainly from papers and an article written about Ireland’s Single Transferable Vote system (STV), spanning some 30 years. Each chapter examines how the Irish system of Proportional Representation (PR), the Single Transferable Vote, is riddled with defects and is the main cause of a dysfunctional political system. Reform of the political system in general, and of the electoral system in particular has been a life-long preoccupation for the author.

Our Worst Preference is a 142-page book published by Scáthán Press, Dublin.  The design and setting up of the book on online sales outlets was handled by Cyberscribe, and the title is currently available online in paperback, and will soon be available in Kindle and eBook formats.