9-print run

With the Internet taken care of, what about a small print run of your title for your book launch, your press review copies, your special signed editions (which you can sell directly from your website) or for sale at readings or arts festivals?

Cyberscribe works with reputable traditional printers in Ireland, Britain and the United States who are proven in the field of quality paperbacks and hardbacks (not every printer does this). We also work with Ingram Spark’s excellent print on demand service, where an author can print runs of even 10 or 20 copies of a book, as they are required, instead of making a potentially disastrous and expensive investment of funds for a thousand books at a time.

The adventurous author can even take on local distribution in independent book shops, or write to public libraries to ask them to stock their book.  There are also book distribution companies who may take on individual titles, but while Cyberscribe can provide information on these, taking on extended distribution options, as with marketing and publicity, is up to the author.