We work by taking best advantage of the two main online sales and distribution outlets, Amazon and Ingram Spark.  For the individual who wants to get their book back into print or online with ease and as effectively as possible, a combination of the two will provide a great all-round, international service.

Amazon: Create Space is the publishing wing of Amazon.com, the world’s largest online publish on demand venture, who also own Kindle Direct Publishing and Goodreads, the book fancier’s Social Media outlet, so it’s a no brainer that the author needs to be on there.

Kindle: Add your e-book to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing website, and both versions are available on your Amazon author page. Since the Kindle reader is the world’s most popular e-reading device, it’s important to get your book up on this web giant.

Ingram Spark:  For everything outside the Amazon field, we recommend Ingram Spark, who are part of the Ingram group, who will distribute to “bricks and mortar” bookshops internationally, and are one of the world’s largest printers of books, famed for their quality and international distribution capabilities. Their products are of good quality and  they offer case bound as well as paperback covers, and excellent prices on printing and shipping.

E-books for all other devices: Another advantage of Ingram Spark is that they place e-Books on a myriad of other e-book sales outlets, all according to the e-reading device that your e-reader has purchased.

Royalties direct to you:  Cyberscribe will set up all these accounts for you so that your work will be distributed and sold in as many ways as possible. You will be able to access your own accounts and see your royalties as they are deposited directly into your bank account.