Print books: Even though an author may be fond of their original cover, the important thing to note is that a new cover distinguishes your new version as a new edition – so that the reader will be able to purchase the latest version, ensuring that the royalty gets to you and not a re-seller. Cyberscribe can create a new cover for you with custom or stock photographs, giving you a choice of three drafts to choose from. If you want to retain your old cover, you will need to clear copyright on the original book and cover design and you may be charged for the files – depending on your former publisher. 

E-books: An e-book cover is in fact a re-formatted version of the front cover of your book. Again, we can create one from your original book’s cover, using your former publisher’s files, or create a new one for you. If you have chosen to also publish your book for print, we coordinate the two.