A printer’s PDF file:

  • Print version: This is the easiest process, since this file is basically “print ready” and can just be checked and sent to the printers.
  • E-book version: The text needs to be extracted from the PDF, proofed, checked and then formatted into an E-pub.

Original text or WORD file:  

  • Print version: This is the second best option, as the book will already have been edited and proofed, and its text file is ready to be placed into a design programme. Cyberscribe simply takes the text file, checks it, formats it into a new book design.
  • E-book version: as above, except that we format the text into the “e-pub” format to facilitate its conversion into the various e-reader formats and uploading to Amazon in their “Kindle” format.

Hard copy of book to be scanned and converted:

When scanning a book for the extraction of text (and any illustrations) to use in another format, the text pulled from the scan may not always be accurately captured, so in addition to the scanning process, it will always require proofing and/or editing.

New, clean books normally require some re-formatting and post-scan proofing. But if the book is old, mottled or has tiny, cramped print, it will require extra, custom work in order to render the text useable for a new, professional publication. Cost estimates will always be provided in the event that extra work is needed.