print and ebook sales . . .

With the professional assistance of Cyberscribe, you become an author-publisher. We provide and charge for bespoke services to assist you in this and you pay us for the techie know-how. Once your accounts are set up, you take control and all royalties go directly to you.

When you contact us, we will provide you with an initial estimate on the options and the amount of royalties to be earned from sales on each one.  Then we set up online sales accounts for you (Amazon, Ingram Spark) and upload the book so that it’s for sale as a publish on demand title (meaning you don’t need to order a huge initial print run). We can also facilitate a modest print run of books for you to sell at a book launch, review copies, direct sales from your website, or independent book store distribution.

The good news is that with print and e-Book versions of your work available simultaneously, there are double the possibilities to make sales. The bad news is that it is hard work to bring in sales independently, and the author needs to put in quite a lot of time to get their titles out to readership.  

While we don’t provide sales and marketing services, we offer an “author’s handbook” that provides information and suggestions on how to go about launching, promoting and distributing your work and gives a list of independent author resources, from publicity professionals to author advocacy groups.