the Digital Scribe cometh …

Not since Gutenberg has such a revolution happened in the field of publishing. For the reader, eBooks make books available in a portable, practical format.

For the writer, they provide the opportunity to make out-of-print titles available again, or publish a new work without the lengthy process of going through a traditional publisher. Remuneration is direct and more lucrative, as long as the author is willing and in a position to promote the book.

Many out of print books are only available online at exorbitant prices through specialist online bookstores, from which sales the author gets nothing. By converting their work into the e-Book format, it gains a new lease of life and earn from 35% to 70% royalties, and more importantly – is once again readily available to the reader at an affordable price and in the control of the author.

New techniques in e-book formatting allow for more attractive eBook layouts, with poetry spacing no longer an issue, and photographic content or design features usually possible.  Cyberscribe focuses on literary titles, however, so if your book involves complicated formatting, we may refer you to an outside designer.