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Helena Mulkerns, originator of Cyberscribe, holds an MA in Publishing from the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Underwater (click for full info)

Underwater, first published by GP Putnam in 1974, is  Joan Hawkins' debut novel, and stands as an unsung classic of early seventies counter-culture. Controversial, ahead of its time and with pressure from Joan's family not to publish or even publicise, Underwater  in many ways remained under the radar, until Joan decided to re-publish it herself and Cyberscribe assisted Joan with the set up of her own imprint, Landon Books.  The second edition was published to coincide with the fortieth anniversary of its original launch. While Joan continued to write, publishing Bailey in 2012 and then Trespass in 2013, the re-launch of her debut under her own imprint for 2014 has been a personal and professional triumph. This title was edited and formatted by Cyberscribe, who also designed the cover and assisted the author with setting up online sales and distribution accounts. Cyberscribe also designed Joan's profile website and a small site for her [...]

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Red Lamp Black Piano (click for full info)

Red Lamp Black Piano was published By Tara Press in December 2013. The Cáca Milis Cabaret has been running as a “vaudevillian evening of the Arts” since it kicked off in in 2009. To mark its five-year anniversary, the group decided to publish an anthology of writing and poetry presenting a selection of work from the writers and poets who have participated in the venture down the years. Cyberscribe’s input in this title was to edit texts, design and format the book’s interior, create a paperback and e-book cover, convert the book into e-pub format and assist Tara Press with the creation of its online sales accounts and set up distribution outlets online. Cyberscribe also created a website for the Tara Press imprint.  See tabs below for more information on the title. This dazzling gamut of writing, from short fiction to poetry, humour, sci-fi musings and satire makes it an eclectic and entertaining [...]

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The Summerhouse (click for full info)

Acclaimed Irish writer Val Mulkerns has published four novels, three short story collections, a number of children's books and is a member of Aosdána, the Affiliation of Creative Artists in Ireland. While the author's works are available online,  they are often listed as "collectors items" and sold for between €60 and €200 per copy – too pricey for the ordinary reader. Interested in the idea of digital publishing,  the author decided to explore the possibilities for her 1984 novel, The Summerhouse, originally published by John Murray, London  (the publisher of Lord Byron among others). Cyberscribe scanned the original work, designed a new interior and cover, and formatted the e-book.  Subsequently published with Tara Press, The Summerhouse is now available to readers in an affordable new paperback edition and in Kindle and e-book format, and the author is once again receiving writer's royalties for the work.  Cyberscribe also created a profile website for Val Mulkerns:  www.valmulkerns.com  This is the [...]

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Restless Spirit (click for full info)

Margaret Hawkins' haunting docu-novel, "Restless Spirit" was first published by Mercier Press in 2006, to  broad critical acclaim. Although a relatively recent publication, the book was out of print in 2011 when Margaret, once again holding the rights to the book, approached Cyberscribe for advice on how to re-publish. Cyberscribe assisted Margaret in setting up her own imprint, Bushel Press; obtained a set of ISBN numbers, requested the final edited text from the original publisher and designed a new interior.  Adapting the original cover, streamlining the illustrations and finally creating the e-book version, Margaret re-published Restless Spirit in 2012. Cyberscribe also created a profile website, blog forum and social media links for Margaret:  www.margarethawkins.eu When she published her stunning debut novel, Deny Me Not, she was able to promote and sell both books from the site and its lively blog, as well as her Twitter and Facebook profiles. Restless Spirit tells the [...]

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Turbulence – Corrib Voices (click for full info)

Turbulence - Corrib Voices was originally published in 2003.  A collection of work by emerging writers based in Galway, it featured participants in the first year of the Masters in Writing at the National University of Ireland, Galway.   As the final thesis project of Cyberscribe's chief editor, Helena Mulkerns, it was the first such collection published at the University, and constituted the end product of Mulkerns' thesis on the "new" phenomenon of Publish On Demand. Working with a British company who were at the forefront of POD developments, the book was compiled, edited, designed and published by Mulkerns. It was then officially launched with readings and sell-out sales at a lively evening in a Galway restaurant and made available for sale in all major independent book stores in Galway and Dublin.   To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Cyberscribe's modest beginnings, the book is now available as a 2nd edition [...]

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Trespass (click for full info)

Trespass is the third novel by Joan Hawkins, a New York author whose first book, Underwater, was published by GP Putnam in 1974. In 2012, Cyberscribe assisted Joan with the set up of her own imprint, Landon Books  and with her first novel, Bailey.  This title was edited and formatted by Cyberscribe, who also designed the cover and assisted the author with setting up online sales and distribution accounts. Joan opted for a Cyberscribe-designed profile website and a small site for her imprint, Landon Books. Cyberscribe  will be assisting with the re-publishing of Joan's debut novel, Underwater, in time for its 40th anniversary in 2014. A novel of greed, love and family. When Helen Reed, a wealthy widow, engages young masseur, David Sweeney, to alleviate the pain of her final days of illness, her brood move in voraciously with other plans. Trespass is a fascinating portrait of a family, of [...]

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step 10:

While your current website allows you a prime online profile from which to showcase all your work, a lively blog and activity on social media platforms will enhance an individual's Internet presence, targeting specialised audiences and allowing cross-platform links to bring in even more hits across the board. Cyberscribe can recommend profile website designers for a writer who does not have their own website, as this is a service no longer provided by us. For authors based in Ireland, we offer a listing in a bulletin that we send out to independent bookshops around the country, giving details of your book and where to order it.

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step 9:

  With the Internet taken care of, what about a small print run of your title for your book launch, your press review copies, your special signed editions (which you can sell directly from your website) or for sale at readings or arts festivals? Cyberscribe works with reputable traditional printers in Ireland, Britain and the United States who are proven in the field of quality paperbacks and hardbacks (not every printer does this). We also work with Ingram Spark's excellent print on demand service, where an author can print runs of even 10 or 20 copies of a book, as they are required, instead of making a potentially disastrous and expensive investment of funds for a thousand books at a time. The adventurous author can even take on local distribution in independent book shops, or write to public libraries to ask them to stock their book.  There are also book distribution companies who may [...]

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step 8:

We work by taking best advantage of the two main online sales and distribution outlets, Amazon and Ingram Spark.  For the individual who wants to get their book back into print or online with ease and as effectively as possible, a combination of the two will provide a great all-round, international service. Amazon: Create Space is the publishing wing of Amazon.com, the world’s largest online publish on demand venture, who also own Kindle Direct Publishing and Goodreads, the book fancier's Social Media outlet, so it's a no brainer that the author needs to be on there. Kindle: Add your e-book to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing website, and both versions are available on your Amazon author page. Since the Kindle reader is the world’s most popular e-reading device, it’s important to get your book up on this web giant. Ingram Spark:  For everything outside the Amazon field, we recommend Ingram Spark, who are part of the Ingram [...]

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step 7:

Your own imprint: with independent publishing, it’s possible for an Author to set up their own small press by purchasing a set of ISBN numbers using the imprint name, and making sure that the ISBN issuer has all the correct details for the imprint. The books are then registered with the ISBN issuing body and the Author has their own publishing imprint with the name they prefer. Cyberscribe can set this up for you.

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