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Helena Mulkerns, originator of Cyberscribe, holds an MA in Publishing from the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Identified in Trees (click for full info)

A strong sense of place seeps through Sandra Bunting's first full poetry collection, originally published in Galway in 2004. This second edition of Identified in Trees is also published by Marram Press, using the new eBook and POD technology. Cyberscribe was able to advise on the process, re-design the book's interior, provide e-Book conversion.  For the cover, the fonts were emphasized so as to make the title and biline suitable for online viewing, without compromising the stunning cover image, an original painting by artist Hazel Walker. To purchase in paperback and e-Book formats, see Sandra's author page at:   Amazon.com  or also see:   Amazon.co.uk or  Amazon.ca Identified In Trees has been described by Irish poet Philip Casey as:  "intriguing, impressionistic poems, often about family ... moving into more fully-fledged meditations on love, life and death set in countries as diverse as Canada, Ireland, France and Morocco. Always technically sure, her poems are often arresting and rise [...]

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Martin Malone

Martin Malone is author of six novels, a memoir, two short story collections, several radio plays and has also written for TV and stage. His first novel, Us won the John B Keane/Sunday Independent Literature Award and was shortlisted for the Irish Fiction Award. His second, After Kafra was scripted for RTE TV. The Broken Cedar was nominated for the IMPAC Award and shortlisted for an Irish Fiction Award. His short stories have been widely broadcast and published. His story, Valley of the Peacock Angel was nominated for the Sunday Times EFG Short Story Prize. He is a contributor to the National Art Gallery’s Lines of Vision: Irish Writers on Art anthology. In 2016 New Island Books publish his tenth book, Black Rose Days Cyberscribe Services availed of include:  book and cover design.  For more information, see: www.martinmalonewriter.com

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Sandra Bunting

Sande Bunting  is a poetry and fiction writer who grew up on the east coast of Canada.  She is a member of the Quebec Writers' Federation, Elan, the Montreal Press Club and the Galway Writers' Workshop. After being awarded a BA in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson in Toronto, she worked for CBC News, Toronto, before moving to Europe where she received an MA in Writing from NUI, Galway in Ireland.  Sandra is currently on the editorial board of the Galway-based literary magazine, Crannóg , and is has established her own independent publishing endeavour, Gaelóg Press. Cyberscribe Services availed of include:  book and cover design, e-book conversion. For more about Sande, see her own website:  www.sandbunting.com

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Catherine Texier

Catherine Texier is the author of four novels, Chloé l’Atlantique, Love Me Tender, Panic Blood, and a memoir, Breakup, which was featured on Oprah. Her novel Victorine won ELLE’s Readers’ Prize for Best Novel of the Year.  She was co-editor of the groundbreaking literary magazine Between C and D and is the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Award and two New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships. She has recently completed her fifth novel, Russian Lessons, to be published in 2016 by Rawmeash. She lives in New York City.  Cyberscribe Services availed of include:  book and cover design, e-book conversion. For more information, see: www.catherinetexier.com

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Brendan Halligan

Brendan Halligan is an economist, politician and public affairs consultant, with extensive experience both in the Irish private and public sectors. A longstanding figure in Irish politics, he is known for his work as an activist in the European arena, in the field of renewable energy, and as founder and current Chairman of the Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA), a leading European think tank. He holds a Masters in Economics from University College Dublin and has written extensively about economics and politics. Cyberscribe Services availed of include: imprint set up, editing, research, book design, e-book conversion, website creation.  For more information, see: www.brendanhalligan.com

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Val Mulkerns

Val Mulkerns is an Irish writer and member of Aosdána. Her first novel, A Time Outworn, was released to critical acclaim in Ireland in 1951. She later worked as a journalist and columnist and is often heard on the radio. She is the author of five novels, three collections of short stories, two children’s books and many published essays and critical writings. She lives in Dublin, Ireland. For more information on Val Mulkerns and her work, see: www.valmulkerns.com

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Joan Hawkins

Joan was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She attended Bennington College and New York University. She now lives in New York City where she practices psychotherapy. Her first novel, Underwater, was a cutting edge cult novel that explored the maelstrom of change happening in New York at the end of the 1960s and early 70s.  Civil rights, social change, feminism and sexual boundaries are all explored in this fascinating debut. Published by G. P. Putnam in 1974 under the name of Joan Winthrop, and re-published in 2014 for its 40th Anniversary by Landon Books, which also published Joan’s second novel, Bailey, and her third, Trespass. See more at:   www.joanhawkins.net

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Margaret Hawkins

Margaret Hawkins lives and writes on a farm in Wexford. Her first book, Restless Spirit  was based on the true story of Rose Quinn, a woman who died less than a year after being committed to a county asylum for having refused to enter an arranged marriage.  Her debut novel, Deny Me Not  is a tale of land and inheritance in contemporary Ireland.  Published in 2013, it was described by the Irish Examiner as “an intelligent page-turner”. She is health columnist with the Irish Farmers Journal, a freelance writing consultant, and her radio essays have been broadcast on RTE’s Sunday Miscellany.  For more information, see:  www.margarethawkins.eu  

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Worst Preference (click for full info)

Brendan Halligan’s first book, Our Worst Preference, is a collection of writings that draws mainly from papers and an article written about Ireland’s Single Transferable Vote system (STV), spanning some 30 years. Each chapter examines how the Irish system of Proportional Representation (PR), the Single Transferable Vote, is riddled with defects and is the main cause of a dysfunctional political system. Reform of the political system in general, and of the electoral system in particular has been a life-long preoccupation for the author. Our Worst Preference is a 142-page book published by Scáthán Press, Dublin.  The design and setting up of the book on online sales outlets was handled by Cyberscribe, and the title is currently available online in paperback, and will soon be available in Kindle and eBook formats.  

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Wonder Wisdom and War (click for full info)

Economist, politician, public affairs consultant and renewable energy activist, author Brendan Halligan is not primarily known as an academic, but this fascinating study on Early Irish traditions, culture and language is comprised of research conducted  while he studied at University College Dublin as a mature student. With the completed studies filed in his archive, in 2014 Mr Halligan decided to publish them using the new publishing technology.  He had already set up his own imprint during the 1980s: "Scáthán Publications",  so with the assistance of Cyberscribe, he revived the venture with a new imprint, Scáthán Press and published Wonder Wisdom and War.   Cyberscribe was also able to assist the author with the design (interior and cover) of the book, proof reading and uploading it for sale online on all major sales outlets.  For more information see below, or please see Brendan Halligan's profile website, also designed by Cyberscribe, at: www.BrendanHalligan.com. Studying Early Irish Culture and [...]

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